Tuesday, May 25, 2010

little bit of uni work

Hey! This is gonna be a short and sweet post i'm afraid as i'm snowed under with paperwork for the final stretch at uni. (2nd year) I've been fiddling about with make up and trying to create a photograph based on some of my crazy dreams. Every single night since i can remember I have a horribly vivid dream and I always wake up remembering it. I'm interested in dreams, where they come from and the effect they can have on people, and I was working with that to try and create a set of photographs. They are all shot on digital, and then digitally enhanced using Photoshop.

All the makeup, however, is genuine and created entirely off the top of my head (which is why it's a bit rubbish). Please let me know what you think, i've been having a bit of a crisis of confidence these last few days, especially seeing as i've blown it up to A3 size and now I hate it.

Anyway that is the final image i'm going to use. I have several meanings behind it but i'll let you make your own mind up. Please do comment though with any thoughts, I really value what you have to say.

Look at my cheeky tunnel haha ooooops...probably should have photoshopped that out.

Eyes are made from entirely Sleek Circus palette with Sleek false eyelashes and a lil bit of Bourjois liner.
Lips are in "Perversion" by Urban Decay.
Skin is a mix of NARS Sheer Glow and a lot of MAC White Face and Body
Blush is MAC Tippy

Do let me know what you think or even the meaning you've taken from it! 
Lots of love, Zo zo


  1. I have a folder of amazing makeup I've collected from around the internet called 'Inspiration' and I'm really picky about what goes in there, a pic is only worthy of being saved in there if it actually makes me say 'wow' out loud.
    Consider this a spectacular addition to my elite folder! ;P
    Actually love it, talented lady! xo

  2. oh my! really? wow. that means absolute millions. i absolutely hate my face in it lol. thankyou so so much! :D love lots xoxox

  3. Wow! Honestly, simply amazing!


  4. Don't hate it!
    It needs to be BIG. Bigger than A3 probably.
    The lateral orientation makes it more interesting than a portrait.
    It's very "current".
    Did you do one with eyes open?
    It means passivity to me but that sounds rather banal.


  5. This is so inspiring. I LOVE this kind of dreamy, dramatic makeup... is it weird if I say it really reminds me of Christina Aguilera's video for Fighter? The one where they're all tottering around in ballet pumps dressed as spiders with huge dark eyes and porcelain skin. I really get that from this image - it's wonderful. Talented lady. :) xx

  6. Love it, it looks amazing so please don't doubt yourself!!

  7. Its quite stunning, looks like a make up feature you'd see in a magazine.