Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i've got a nautical themed pashmina afghan

Good evening all, and I hope everyone is well. Thanks for pushing my followers over to 250, i'm stoked! Every follower is noticed, I click and read all about you when you follow me so I really do appreciate every single one of you.
Anyway i've been playing about with my new Sleek iDivine Circus palette, heehee. It's genuinely encouraging me to be bright and colourful and actually, I really like it. I'll be honest, on first impressions this palette does not do it for me at all. When I took it home after the event my boyfriend went "ooh free face paint!" and yeah..it does look a lot like face paint. But I swatched them in colour order and maybe it's just the law of the rainbow but they instantly looked a lot better and I started to get excited.

swatches, top without flash bottom with flash

In the end I decided to play with the blues, i will play with the oranges and pinks next. This is the look I came up with, I've decided I feel like a mermaid when I wear it :) haha. This colour is going to my head...

The products I used were:

Primarily the Sleek palette but I used Urban Decay's Eldorado as a highlight and I used a tiny bit of MAC Birds and Berries.
The three shades I used from the Sleek palette were the green, the bright matte blue and the deep shimmer indigo blue:

Eldorado was used in the inner corners and as a highlight, then the Sleek green on the inner corner followed by the sleek matte blue on the middle of the lid. Then a tiny amount of Birds and Berries with the Sleek shimmer blue in the crease. I lined with Topshop Midnight crayon, then a tiny dab of Topshop Sun Shower in the inner tearduct - literally because i'm addicted to it. Finished with MAC Greasepaint stick on the waterline and GOSH Perfect N Shape Mascara on the lashes :)

What do you think? :) I love your comments! I'm excited about playing with this palette a bit more, and integrating it in with my existing eyeshadows. Also the shadows are a lot more pigmented than I thought they'd be, hats off Sleek!
Zoe xoxoxox

Also if the title confused you, honestly, where have you been! Jokes. Click the photo below to find out what it's about...and swoon over some Samberg <3

Disclaimer: The Sleek palette was given to me for free at the event but the rest of the products were purchased by me, with my hardearned student money.


  1. Definitely swooning over Samberg ♥
    I think my favourite song of their's is Jizz in my pants :-)
    That video makes me laugh so much!!

  2. @Sammi I swear to god i'm actually in love with him. oh dear. my boyfriend knows, so it's fiiiineeee....mahahaha! xo

  3. The look is so lovely! I love it very much! I want to try it like right now :)

  4. That looks lovely - so pretty and summery. x

  5. thats really pretty are they released yet ?

  6. I got my swim trunks and my flippy floppies! LOL GO TEAM SAMBERG!!! :)

    I love the 'Awesome Town' video where he just keeps saying 'Andy'! Gor bless his geeky little mush!

  7. Love that eye look, reminds me of spilt petrol, in a good way!!

  8. Hahaha long time since I've heard that song!

    I'm riding on a dolphin, doing flips and shit, the dolphin's splashing, getting everybody all wet! Hahaha :)

    But more on topic, I really like that look you've done, I used the lime green for the first time the other day and it's quite nice! xo

  9. ohh i love this look, looks gorgeous, i'll have to buy this palette now i think! :D xxx