Monday, May 17, 2010

get him to the greek

Hello! Hope you're all well. B and I were lucky enough to watch one of the very first screenings of Get Him to the Greek at Leicester Sq last night. There was a Q+A with the director Nicholas Stoller and stars of the film Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. It was really awesome to see them both in the flesh, I have previously met Russell before but i'm a big fan of Jonah so that was really good. Unfortunately the screening was full of young teens and the questions that were asked were all rubbish, I felt sorry for all of them because 1. they were only asking Russell questions and 2. they were badly thought and nothing to do with the film, for example there was a girl who asked Jonah what he was doing later. Brilliant. I'd have genuinely liked to know a lot more about the film before I got a chance to see it and the thought behind the film. Nevermind.
I'd recommend this film, it was enjoyable but at the same time I felt like it was all very obvious. He's a rockstar, he does rockstar things and this is the 'industry'. I sorta disagreed with the portrayal but whatever, it's a film, a lot of people believe that is what the industry is like so that obvious cliche is fairly set in stone. It's the same with everything in this genre of film, it's all magnified. I enjoyed it though, it was cringeworthingly funny.

I thought i'd show you what I wore out to the cinema - please excuse my horrible face in all these photos, argh! :)

 change of scenery, welcome to my kitchen and our broken blind! the boys were watching a film in the lounge :(

Dress: We Walk
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Necklace & bracelet: Accessorize

Very shortly after I bought this dress - which was about 2 years ago - the same one was used on Effy in Skins, so it became more readily available in Topshop (coincidence or not?! haha), anyway it's still in there now. I can't remember the price, I want to say £45 but that might be wrong.

Also an update on the Topshop Make Up (previous post) I wore the Sun Shower pencil all over my eyelid tonight and I am pleased to report no creasing! I did use UDPP which may have helped but I loved the overall look for it and the fact it didn't crease was a bonus. I think I will do a look using the pencil all over soon if you want to see it?
How was your weekend? Are you going to see this film when it comes out? What do you think of my Effy dress? Haha :)
Lots of love, Zoe xoxox


  1. I think it looks much better on you than it did on Effy, she was a right dog! Haha xo

  2. Love it, u look lovely :) I love a good pair of coloured tights too.
    your blog is one of my favs for ootd & style inspirtation

  3. zozo you look beautiful!! you should have asked some clever questions to cheer them up! xxxx

  4. You look gorgeous! Those tights are so pretty as well (: XO

  5. I looooove the red tights! You are so teeny and gorgeous! Good to hear about the make up too xx

  6. I heard it was meant to be some sort of sequel/prequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Is it anything to do with that?!
    Can't say i'm a fan of Jonah but it must be frustrating to come second to Russel Brand.

  7. Love the printed dress! Very nice indeed.

    I love Jonah too and am excited to see this film! x