Friday, May 21, 2010

boots 3 for 2 inc models own and more topshop make up

Evening! Today I decided at around 6.30pm that I actually wanted to go shopping today (after debating about it all day) and trundled off down to Oxford Circus. I didn't actually manage to get what I had in mind - more on that later - but I did take great advantage of Boots 3 for 2 offer across all cosmetics and picked up a couple more Topshop make up bits.

So of course while I was in Oxford St I remembered the Boots there had Models Own already, and although there werent a huge amount of colours, which was a bit of a disappointment, I did spot one that wasn't anything like any other nail varnishes I have in my collection. The shade is called Magenta Pearl and its a really sparkly true magenta. I love magenta, its one of my favourite colours and we all know I love sparkles! Sold! It was £5.

Also on the 3 for 2 I grabbed Maybelline's The Falsies mascara as i'd been curious to try it for some time and get another mascara that took the weight off my poor Lancome Hypnose that gets used all the time and isn't really easily replaceable...too much money!

the brush from the front view

from the side view - you can see the curved shape brush

I will do a before and after review on this later after i've roadtested it out on a long day at work! The last item that I picked up (for free on the offer!) was another Barry M Dazzle Dust. I originally wanted Petrol Black but they didn't have that in stock so I got number 22 - Black Gold.

Then from Topshop I grabbed two more pencils - one crayon in Orb and one kohl in Saddle.
swatches without flash

swatches with flash

Orb is a really delicate silver glitter, which is really perfect for work or days when you don't feel like a lot of makeup. These crayons work well on the waterline and this is something i'll pop on quickly before work to open my eyes up and add a little bit of sparkle! Saddle is such a gorgeous mahogany brown with red undertones and isn't like any other pencil I own. I keep going for brown pencils over black at the moment, they seem very flattering without being too harsh. Orb was £6 and Saddle was £4 - a steal! Their pencils are both creamy and long wearing, the kohl in particular is so soft and incredibly easy to use.

Then I decided to go for one of the cream blushes. I've never tried cream blush before and seeing as the Topshop ones are only £6 and very pigmented I thought i'd go for it. I'd heard such great reviews, and before I shell out £15-£20 for a MAC/Nars/Illamasqua one I thought i'd get familiar with using cream blush and how it felt. If anyonehas any recommendations on the best way to apply it please let me know, i'm a complete beginner! The shade I chose was Flush.

The second picture is probably a lot truer to the actual colour of the blush, it's not as orange as it appears in the first photo. I love it, it feels silky and turns from creme to powder feel on application.
Well that was a bit of a mammoth post! What do you think about my shop shop? Do you own any of these products, and do you like them? Also please comment with any tips and tricks about the blush. What do you think about Topshop's make up? I genuinely am rating it, all the products i've picked out so far have been amazing - i've reached for Sun Shower every single day since I bought it!
Lots of love, Zoe xoxoxo


  1. I love the nail polish, looks really pretty :) xx

  2. love the look of that blush, def going to have a closer look when i go into town xx

  3. Damn I knew there was something else I was meant to do when I went shopping today, go check out Topshops make up! Probably a good thing I didn't, my bank balance will be happy :)

    That models own polish looks gorgeous! I think my models own stand arrives june/july so a more time to wait :) xxx

  4. I use a makeup sponge to apply my cream blushes, it makes it so much easier to control how much you use, i just dab it lightly on my cheeks and blend it with the sponge :)

  5. Really want to try the Models Own nail varnishes, that is a fab colour.