Wednesday, April 14, 2010

yeaaaah, it's a party in the u.s.a

Hello! Hope you're having a super week. Thanks to all my new followers, welcome to the london lipgloss. Pop by and say hello, i'd love to meet you all. It's super easy now as well if you have Twitter, you can find mine here.

So i'm well into that old school levi's commercial/classic american jeans and shirt look so this is my take on a high school American preppy look for summer:

My tee is part of the new collection at Gap (i swear i'm not a robot) and for once it's something of theirs I actually love. I had barely started my shift before I snatched it ready to be purchased later. I'm not American, either. I just love it! It originally had the sleeves down but I pinned them up cause, well, i dunno. I just liked it better.

T shirt - Gap, £15
Shorts - made by me out of old jeans, read here
Shoes - Converse, £45
Socks - Internationale - £2.99

This whole slouchy festival season/americana look is in right now and it's pretty much the only trend I feel happy in conforming to. It's very much my permanent style and i'm absolutely loving it. I've been pretty off put by all the florals in every high street shop right now, floral isn't my cup of tea. I love kitsch, vintage and shabby looking things but the style doesn't feel right on me, I am envious of other girls who look like porcelain dolls when wearing this style (note, Zoella).

The t shirt is fairly apt at the moment as i've been teaching myself to memorize every US State. I was put to shame a few months ago when I could only name about 6 and I wanted to work hard to learn every single one. I've been on which is a brilliant site if you're a quiz geek like me and i've just got it perfect. I stopped a month ago and did it again yesterday and I knew every single one. Boom! I've since moved on to countries of Europe...i'm on around 80%. 

Anyway this is my face of the day: (this is my first ever real close up photo of my face, bit scared. be nice!)

I'm wearing:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 mixed with MAC Face and Body in White
YSL Touche Eclat
MAC Blush in Tippy
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Porcelain Pink
MAC Sheer Select Pressed Powder in NC5

MAC Creme Color Base in Gilded Ash
Urban Decay e/s in Eldorado
NARS Mekong
MAC black e/s from Devoted Poppy palette
Bourjois Liquid Eyeliner
MAC Feline Kohl Power
Lancome Hypnose Mascara

MAC Lip Liner in Naked (bought from the lovely Charlie's blog sale)
Maybelline Ambre Rose Lipstick

I was going for a whole Ke$ha vibe with big smudgey black eyes and chunk loads of glitter! If anyone wants a tutorial let me know but I felt this post was too long already to include!

What summer trend are you going for? Are you a quiz fiend like me? On a scale of 1-10 how silly are those socks? Haha! I know I always say it but I read EVERY comment and often wait and refresh to see if there are any new ones *blush*. It makes it all worthwhile!
sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, Z xo


  1. Im going for the pastels this summer me thinks!
    Loving your look tho!
    more like how awesome are those socks? 10 baby!
    your eyes are amazing,your so so pretty xx

  2. OMG. So pretty! Nothing to be worried about, you are gorgeous hun. Wish I could look like you. And actually I love the socks and wish I could wear something like that. Zoella is gorgeous too, and I am the same about all the floral prints going around, I'm trying it out a little though. Still not sure what I like, what looks right on me etc. I'm just a complete mess, help me lol x

  3. @Claire, that is lies! haha. but thankyou so much *blushes* you are beautiful you silly mare, not a mess at all! i was getting really stressed at what was in all high street shops right now, i don't suit floral dresses or, floral anything really. even pastels. then i saw this top in gap and felt a little better, it may be hard at first but you'll find something that you like :)

    @Lauren amazing, i think you'll really suit pastels. we've got so much pastel in gap and i fiddled about last saturday trying it on but the light jeans and cardis didn't suit me..maybe i'll come round to it haha. thank you so much, i was so scared about putting such a close up photo of my face up, every girl's blog is stunning and i was like..eeeee!!! ahaha

  4. great post:) your really pretty and your camera looks super good quality, if you like the shabby chic look theres no reason why you cant make it work for you :) xxxx

  5. You look awesome here missy! I adore your style so much! I could never pull the knee high socks/shorts combo off! You do it effortlessly!
    Congrats :)

  6. You are just adorable! Haha. I hope that isn't patronising!

    You're eyes are amazing... loving the make-up too. I would love to see a tutorial - I'm going out on Saturday night and that is just the kind of eye make-up I want!

  7. Gorgeous as ever me lovely! I know what you mean, I look at you and love your style but I just could not pull it off... well right now anyway, I used to dress more like this a while ago but I was never comfortable.. you just really need to find who you are. Which you have and you're rocking it! xx

  8. OMG!I absoulutely love your make-up :D! Could you do a tutorial?


  9. That's an interesting outfit. I love your eye makeup! Stunning =D

  10. That is a whole lot of Jack on your mantle.