Wednesday, April 28, 2010

style icon - katy perry

Hey, hope you are all well. :) Now I don't know how you feel about Katy Perry but personally - I love her. She's not as kooky as GaGa but maintains an individual look sitting firmly between innovative and feminine. This makes her a great style idol. A Katy Perry look is very fun loving, bold with colours, and her clothes are a bit different to the norm. Now i'm not as lucky as Katy with money, or figure.. however there are many ways you can work around that and make her style your own. This look was inspired by Katy's album cover and her general 50's nautical style.

Top - H&M (current season), £7.99
Shorts - Tara Starlet, £55
Tights - American Apparel, £12
Shoes - Office Outlet - £10

I absolutely loved wearing this look! I've never ever worn such bright heels and nails before and I loved the nautical vibe. I really felt like Katy! Haha. This photo was taken after the night I wore it but on the night I wore very black outlined eyes (think Dita), and pink lips. I would definitely wear this again in the summer, with tights or without. I wore the shorts a lot last summer and I absolutely adore them, they go with almost anything!

I wont include my jewellery as it's all stuff i've talked about before, but I wore my new camera necklace, my blue anchor bracelet and my pink anchor ring :)

(seriously, how ridiculously over the top posey is that?! hahaha)

And just to refresh your memory, a couple of pics of the real deal. 

If you like this kind of celebrity inspired outfit post, let me know. I had a lot of fun doing this and would definitely write more posts using inspiration from celebrities. Also if theres someone particular you like or would love to see someone elses take on a celebrity style, i'd love to hear from you!
As always let me know your thoughts! Do you love Katy as much as I do? What do you think about the nautical 50s style floating around at the moment? Would you wear something like this/do you own anything similar? I do adore your comments millions, they really do make me smile :)
Lots of love, Katy Zoe ;)


  1. Aww you look lovely, I wish I had long thin legs like that! Personally I'm not a Katy fan, but she's definitely got style xxx

  2. You look gorgeous! How jealous am I of your legs right now missy?! I love the top, and shorts are very Katy ;) XO

  3. you look gorgeous! i absolutely love this outfit :)
    i adore Katy Perry :) she seems like such an awesome person to be around & her style is soo unique! she's also stunning & i would kill for her figure!
    deff do more celebrity-inspired posts :) xxx

  4. I love those shorts and that top!! Gorgeous, I want! xx

  5. I actually love this post! I'm not normally into fashion at all but you actually make in interesting :) Yaay. And I love the posey picture, it made me laugh :) xo

  6. I love Katy Perry & this look is great. U look lovely

  7. I loveeee Katy Perry, I personally think she always looks perfect. Love the outfit you are wearing, especially the shoes :) great post xx

  8. Great outfit! Love this type of post, it'd be fun to see what else you come up with!

  9. Oh, I just love Katy! That girly retro cool suits her personality down to the ground. I bet she's so much fun on a night out!

    Love your look today. So cute, so Katy! Please do more!

  10. Lovely outfit! I really like the buttons on the shorts! Very retro.