Monday, April 19, 2010

pure turquoise and my modest nail varnish collection

Hey there! How are you doing? Sorry for the gap in posts, been snowed under a horrible 3500 essay! Done now, thankfully.
Ooh look at me, a mid afternoon post! So nice to have some time on my hands. Speaking of things on my hands, this is a little post dedicated to my new favourite polish - Barry M's Pure Turqouise. Now, I am very scared of colour and gradually getting it back into my life - yes, even on nails! You'll see in my nail varnish collection post that I stick to pinks/blues/dark reds&purples. Never in a million years would I normally go for such a bold colour. But, I picked it up on a whim and I actually love it! Been getting compliments all day. Oh how superb your polish is, Barry!

And because I know you're all just as nosey/obsessed as me, here is my first ever "collection" photograph post..I have a very small nail varnish collection compared to a lot of other beauty bloggers but I love every single one of my polishes dearly. I am still after some new OPIs..just Enchanted Beauty Stop has so many and i'm dreadfully indecisive I never know which one to go for :(. Generally I love nail varnish and a new one in particular but I spend more of my money on make up rather than nails. But i'm pleased with the ones I gots :D lucky I am. 

All photos are from and are not to be distributed anywhere else :).

Zoya is my favourite brand, just can't always afford. I love my one OPI and my one Kitty MAC :). I love GOSH and it's affordability. :) If anyone wants the names of any of them, let me know.What is your favourite Barry M polish, am I missing a gem? I know i've asked before and I read all the suggestions but I am so unsure about a new OPI...tell me one you LOVE?! 

Zoe xo

ps. I can't stop listening to Devils Spoke - Laura Marling...


  1. That's a lovely little collection hun, I don't think I have many that you have got. Possibly the bluey/green GOSH one and that's about it. My only Barry M ones are black, white and grey so I think I may pop in and buy one or two next time I'm in town. That turquoise colour is so lovely! x

  2. I've never tried Zoya but they do pop up regularly on blogs! The turquoise nails look gorgeous x

  3. @Claire I honestly cannot stop looking at the turquoise, it's just so unique. I would recommend it definitely, it's made my mood feel brighter?! is that even possible? my collection is totally nothing compared to yours, i remember seeing it. think i'd have a field day! haha. yes that gosh one is lovely, still a fairly new addition, need to give it some more outings hehe! thankyous :) xox

    @Daisy I think I love them so because the formula is just so creamy, and I have fairly small ish nails (especially my pinkle!) so the brush's smaller size is great for me. it's formaldehyde free, so it doesn't stink as soon as you open it. i'd recommend giving them a go, i got the pale pink one from ebay for £3! :D thankyou, i loves my turquoise nails..hehe xoxo

  4. I saw this post then went and bought Turquoise whilst I was shopping yesterday :) Looks gorgeous, can't wait to try it! xox