Friday, April 30, 2010

a lush bubble bath and russell howard

...Although sorry Bicky, not together ;)

Hey! So i'm still fairly new to Lush, i've only tried a few of their things. This is a post about their bubble bars, which are pretty much any baths' best friends. I discovered them last year and i'd recommend them to everyone. Here is a little post that shows you how they work and what they're like.

The one I used today was Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar, which was limited edition, sorry. But I had two to use up so I couldn't wait to pop it in my bath! I have written before about The Comforter, and if you're looking to start with bubble bars i'd recommend that as a great starter.

this one had glitter in it :)!

So the first step (apart from owning a bath) is to crumble as much or as little of the bubble bar into your bath, just under where your water goes. You don't have to use all of the bar infact I wouldn't ever use more than half, cause it makes so many bubbles. You can even use just a tiny amount to create a small amount of bubbles, is up to you.

After a while you see the water goes coloured depending on which bar you pick. Of course, this one went red. I usually swirl the bath round to help the bubbles, but I live in a rented flat and have a rubbish bath where the water comes out slowly.

No photoshop, this is the real bath colour!

In the end, this is the amount of bubbles half of the bar produced. Again, rented flat.

And to finish, here is a (bad) picture from Tuesday when I was lucky enough to see this weeks Russell Howards Good News being filmed :)

What do you think of Lush's bubble bars? Is there anything you'd recommend for my bath from Lush? Or a Lush product I simply cannot live without? Are these kinds of posts helpful to Lush newbies like me? Let me know in the comments, it really helps me write my blog! Have a wicked bank holiday.
Love, Zoe xox


  1. You're not having and comments on dis post nao. ><

  2. Oooh I love a bit of Lush. I definintely recommend this which I did a quick review on a couple of weeks ago.