Monday, April 26, 2010

it must be some kind tub time machine

Hey! How are you all? Oh, I have been AWFUL at blog posting. Very, very sorry. Wow, since i've been a bit away from the mac i've had a load of new followers! Amazing. I can't believe i've been blogging for about 2 and a half months and I have 126 followers! Overwhelmed, thank you all so much and welcome to my blog. Remember you can also connect with me on twitter.

So anyway I popped over to Central today to kill a bit of time before Ben and I went to the cinema. Ben won free tickets to see Hot Tub Time Machine in Fulham. Anything called that is clearly going to be...fantastic...haha. Anyway the short of the story is, i'm very very glad it was free..

I had a couple of hours to myself to of course I popped to MAC and then to Urban Outfitters. I bought Retrospeck in the pan, and Pink Plaid lipstick.

I popped Retrospeck in my palette, if you remember I bought a 4 pan palette recently because I had Trax kicking about in the pan. Since then Trax has still been neglected because it's by it'sself in the palette I thought if I filled it I might reach for it more :)

In the palette now is Retrospeck and Trax so if anyones got recommendations for two more to fill this one, it'd be very appreciated! I'm thinking maybe a taupe-y/brown shade and then a blacker shade. I think then I've got a highlight, and either the purple or the brown with the black to darken. If that makes sense. Or should I fill it with more purples, like a pale pink and then a darker pink? Suggestions very welcome! All my other eyeshadows are in the pot, I dunno whether to pop them in a 15 pan or not...I do feel forever terrified I might drop the whole thing one day..

Pink Plaid lipstick. It's a matte finish.

Compared to my other MAC lipsticks, l-r: Culture Class, Pink Plaid, Nude Rose, Honeylove, Gentle Simmer, Assertive

I absolutely love Pink Plaid, it's one of those shades that for me is like my lips but better. I've got pretty pigmented lips so it's just perfect. It's a matte finish too so I can either layer with lipgloss or leave for a striking finish. It's not one i've looked at before, but it's my birthday in two weeks and I've put quite an extensive list on my birthday list of lipsticks so I went in today looking for something different. I think it's my new favourite :)

Then I went into Urban Outfitters and bought a new top. It's got braces attached to it. Cost me £30.

Also just to add to this ridiculously long post this is my eyeshadow of the day, with a twist.

Lots of pinks and purples, I used Urban Decay's Eldorado, MAC Trax, MAC Fig.1, NARS Mekong aaaand...MAC blush in Tippy! Yes, blush. And I wholeheartedly recommend it. It came out as a lovely vibrant pink, so different for me! So break all the rules, that's right, I'm going to continue to break all the rules!

Oh oh oh ! And this is my new necklace. Love it!

It's from Accessorize and it's £8 :)

This is the end of the post now, I promise. What do you think of the things I bought, do you own any of them? Can you recommend me some more eyeshadows for my palette too? Have you seen Hot Tub Time Machine, and what did you think? Love your comments I do, I do, I dooooo-oooooo!
Zo-zo xox


  1. I was thinking of buying Pink Plaid, since I love Honeylove too :) And I think mattes are the easiest to pull off. Maybe I'll buy that one next ;)

  2. Ooh pretty buys :) I love a matte lipstick! I almost bought that top in Urban Outfitters but couldn't justify spending so much... I love that eye make-up look, it's gorgeous! XO

  3. @eatyourvegies I'd definitely recommend it, but I too am a Honeylove fan! Maybe biased. :D anyway I say yes!!

    @michelle I couldn't reaaaaally justify it either, only because I loved it and pay day is Friday, haha. Thank you very much. :) I never really thought much about mattes but now i'm addicted! I think the colour pay off is much better, plus it seems to stay on my lips longer :)

  4. I love Silence & Noise stuff & your eye moake up:)