Thursday, April 29, 2010

berry ice cream nail paint and some gosh bargains

Good evening! Hope you're all well. I apologise if you've already seen swatches of these nail paints before but I hadn't seen any. I'd love to see swatches of the others if you have them :) let me know! Anyway here is a swatch of Barry M's new Ice Cream nail paints, the one I chose was number 308, Berry :)

Overall I think it's a great shade but I was disappointed at the quality of the paint, it seemed to be a lot thinner than the normal Barry M paints. This took me three coats to build up, which is a lot more than usual - for example Pure Turqoise which I wrote about last week was strong colour with the first coat. I love the colour though, it's very reminiscent of MAC's eyeshadow in Vibrant Grape :).

Then on my usual bargain hunt, I popped into Superdrug. I of course noticed the huge line of GOSH cosmetics reduced all down to £1 and immediately started hunting! The only things I was interested in was a nail paint and a lipstick which I found buried underneath a load of eyeshadows, yeah! I got both of these for £1 each.

GOSH Nail paint in 585 Bright Passion and GOSH Lipstick in 108 Cute.

Just to give you an example of what the lipstick looks like here are some swatches compared to other pinks:

Top: GOSH Cute
Middle: MAC Pink Plaid
Bottom: Maybelline Ambre Rose

I love them both, very pleased. Search your Superdrug and see if they have any reduced lines, you can sometimes find some gems :)!
Sorry if this post was a bit boring. Do you own any of the new Barry M shades? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments, I love to hear your voice!
Zoe xox

Also todays background comes from the new Alexander McQueen clothes piece and an advert in this seasons' i-D magazine...definitely worth investing in!


  1. I have that Black Passion nail polish, it's so cool!
    Oh my god, £1? Are those items being discontinued then? I'm gonna nip to Superdrug tomorrow to see what that MUA range is like so it would be great if I could carry on the £1 theme ;D

  2. @leanne I can't wait to try it, i wonder what it'll look like over different colours :) Yeah, they were all in this massive yellow tub for £1, they had some art liners and eyeshadow quads too, everything else was Famous by Sue Moxley? which i'd not tried before..i guess they must be discontinuing them yeah. I had a look at that MUA range and it looks ok, i'm gonna go down and buy a few items to review :) xo

  3. omgggggg!! I want that Gosh nail polish so so so bad! ahah, i've been looking for it in all the gosh counters around town and i can never find it :( Oh wellll, i'm excited to see what you think of it though :)

  4. Oh my goddd I always wanted to try Famous, they used to sell it in a Superdrug near me but then just stopped doing it before I ever got round to buying something! God I'm actually excited about going to Superdrug tomorrow. Hahaha
    Btw if you look for posts labelled GOSH on my blog there should be a post or two with Bright Passion swatches over different colours xo

  5. Not a boring post at all! I was in Superdug today and ours didn't have a bucket of lovely cheapness :( I did get some MUA bits though so can't complain!

  6. I remember swatching the nailpolish on my nail when it was new. It is lovely :)

  7. I love your ring! I really like the barry m polish, looks lovely! xxx

  8. Oooh I'm heading to Superdrug tomorrow and I'm going to look for the "ice cream" colours... They haven't had the Berry shade in any of the stores I've checked haha! I'm tempted to get GOSH Cute now too - damn you Zoe and your well-written blog! ;) XO

  9. that ring & the barry m polish is amazing! x