Thursday, March 11, 2010


So last week I was awarded this award by the lovely Emily and I was absolutely thrilled! I write pretty much my thoughts/art/loves and I honestly can't believe that one other person wants to read it let alone 62! In less than a month I can't seriously believe the positive outcome and all the new people i've loved reading all about. I honestly had no idea there were so many other likeminded girlies out there and it's awesome. Beats reading Grazia on a lunch break! So lots of thank you's to all of you. Means a lot. *soppy ramblings over* haha

I've decided to tag eight - only some - of the blogs that have seriously inspired me and that i'm already addicted to reading. This past month has been awesome and i'm thrilled I chose to begin writing on blogger!

Lots of love, Z xoxox



  1. Daww thank you so much! I really need to get round to doing this one! :) xo

  2. Aww sweet thank you! I love your blog too! :D

    haha A live shopping link would be funny! I kept getting in trouble for taking pictures so I wonder how mad they would get if we did that lol xx

  3. Thank you! I've found lots of great blogs lately so I'll definitely be doing this tag!

  4. hey
    just came across your blog, and noticed youre really good at face charts :-)