Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a million different mike leigh movies

Oh wow, I can't believe i'm 3 followers away from 100. What? Absolute madness! I'm over the moon, thanks trillions and squillions ^.^ !
So I mentioned in yesterdays blog that i'd been away for the weekend and I thought i'd show you some of the outfits I wore at home while I was visiting my family.

This was one I wore mid week to meet some of my old friends for some coffee. (obviously recreated in my flat, haha)

I'm sticking my belly out? No idea.

Blazer: H&M - £30
Vest : H&M (old!)
Leggings: H&M - £5.99
Shoes: Primark - £8?
(I didn't realise I was wearing so much H&M!)

My bag is Mischa Barton at ASOS and was about £25/£30 I think?

stop telephoning me!

Top to bottom:
Sailor necklace - I can't remember where I got this from, i bought it in Cambridge. The anchor is broken but I still wear it!
Telephone necklace - Accessorize £6
Anchor bracelet - Acessorize, it was a gift
Close up of Primark shoes

Close up of the studs on the collar on the H&M blazer

I only bought this blazer two weeks ago and I absolutely adore it, it has a huge place in my wardrobe already. I feel like it goes with almost everything and it's a bit different because of the studs on the shoulders. I know it's not really the right weather for flat shoes but I adore these Chanel looking Primark beauts and could not resist wearing them! I opted for a simple face with just MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NC15) mixed with Face and Body in White, MAC Ripe Peach blush, Benefit Get Even Powder, Bourjois Liquid Liner and Gosh Lift n Shape Mascara.

I finished with the infamous GOSH Darling:

I'm so so naughty, for a blog with Lipgloss in the title I've hardly talked about my favourite lipglosses, argh! I'm having a lipstick month and I PROMISE there will be more lipgloss love soon <3

Tomorrow i'm off to see my friend Frank Turner who i've been photographing on tour for the last year and a half and the blog title is from one of his old songs when he used to sing in a hardcore band, Million Dead. I'm really looking forward to it. The other day I received the DVD from one of his live shows and theres a lot of horrible shots of me in it haha so if anyone loves Frank check out the bright blonde haired girl, oh, it's me! (Yes i used to have BRIGHT blonde hair - more about that later). 

Anyway just to finish these are a couple of shots that show the journey I've followed Frank on this last year and a half..

Both photos are copyright protected and owned by Zoe Louise Hellewell - do not republish. (please!)

Balancing on a table in Banquet Records, Kingston to selling out Shepherds Bush Empire. I think you'll agree, thats a pretty successful journey so far! If you've not heard of Frank before check out his music, you'll love it.

Do you own any of the items I featured? What do you think about H&M? How is your week so far? Do I deserve a slap on the wrist for not featuring my lipgloss more? Your comments make me smile! Let me know what you thought :)
Love, Z xox


  1. love your outfit and LOVE frank turner. very cool. x

  2. You look stunning & Im in love with that blazer :)

  3. You are just effortlessly so stylish. Love everything you wear! xx

  4. Love the cute outfit & i especially love the pumps though Id have to say that coz I have the same ones lol very Chanel cute necklaces too :o)

  5. Your accessories are adorable!
    && the blazer is to die for, love the entire outfit =)

  6. Love your outfit, and your photos look amazingg. How do you get them so crisp?? xx

  7. Those shoes are sooo Chanel-esque!

  8. that blazer is a good find, indeed! i've had this urge to stud something & that blazer is just making the itch worse haha.

  9. Love that outfit! I love them shoes- I like anything Chanel style! x

  10. love the blazer!! nice blog ^_~

    xo tiffany

  11. The Mr and I adore Frank Turner. He's fab!