Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i might have done a little shopping..

Hello! Oops, I may have been shopping.. ! How are you all? I love love love reading people's shopping posts so here is mine and I hope you enjoy it as much as I certainly enjoyed spending it, haha. I spent the rainy rainy afternoon in Oxford Street and although I did get my hair ruined several times I had a great afternoon to myself. I wait for a while and pretty much do one shop each month so I really look forward to it.

First I stopped off at Primark, my boyfriend needed some pumps (he always gets them from Primark because they're EXACTLY the same as the Topman ones and they are £3 in Primark and £18 in Topman!) So I picked those up and of course I had a mooch around, because it's the biggest Primark theres usually always something that catches my eye. I really had my heart set on finding some cheap nude heels (I have this idea that if I buy some cheap nude heels I can customize them to look like Vivenne Westwood shoes) and there were none in my size, waaa. I don't really buy much of their clothes so I just left with a couple of accessories..

Cute hair bow - £1

Pack of four hair bows - £1
I also bought some tights but they're not really interesting enough to photograph. I cant recommend those tights more though, they're £1 to £4 (depending) and the quality is brilliant, they last just as long as tights from anywhere else. I'm always wearing rings or have long nails or bracelets that catch and snag tights so I hate spending lots of money on them - so pointless!

Then I went to H&M where I wanted to buy more but waited - pay day is only next Friday... I am a good girl really :)

 Waist belt - £2.99

But I did pick up this little waist belt with leather bow detail for only £2.99. Bargain-alicious! If you click it you should be able to see the bow clearer. I love it. I think it'll go perfectly with my American Apparel skirt (previous post).

So then of course, like a big naughty girl, I had to look in MAC. I bought three shadows, Fig 1, Shroom and Sumptuous Olive.



Fig 1.


Sumptuous Olive
These are all shades I don't own or hadn't previously so i'm mega excited to add them to my eyeshadow family. I need to ask your help actually, I have more than enough now to depot..should I do it? Or not? I kinda like them in the individual pots but I like the idea of having them all in one place.. Also what do you use to depot and whats the best way? Please let me know!

Then after mooching around some other shops I went to Topshop. And spent a few hours in there. My boyfriend wasn't particularly amused with the amount of time he had to spend following me around but that store is so big it'd be criminal not to look at everything at least once. It's one of my favourite stores, the downstairs floor is amazing.

Bag - £30
Ok am I right in thinking this bag is simply gorgeous? I saw it and thought "yeah, i'm probably going to need that bag." Haha. I absolutely love it!! I never normally spend so much on a clutch bag (cheapskate!) mostly because I like to hunt around for bargains but I absolutely adore this bag and I feel like it will last through the seasons. I honestly don't think it is too unreasonably priced, it feels like it's quite good quality. It snaps shut with magnets and I think theres something very 50's vintage feel about the bow and the handles. 


Top - £20
This top is by Rock Rebels Los Angeles which is found on the bottom floor of Topshop Oxford Street. Not sure if you can buy this one online, some of the stuff you can but personally it's one of the only reasons I go into that Topshop so often - the stuff downstairs is gorgeous! 

So that was my Wednesday shop! What did you think? Are you going shopping anytime soon, tell me whats on your wishlist? Or if you've been shopping tell me what you got! I love shopping so bad!

Lots of love, Z xo


  1. bag is very cute!!

    will u follow my blog please? i will follower yours im looking to make new friends not trying to spam or anything :)

  2. Gorgeous shop! the bag is indeed very cute! I wish I was going shopping soon :( I'm a bit addicted too lol xx

  3. I love the top you picked it up, its just my style :)

    I just wanted to say also, im not sure if its just my computer playing up or your html gone crazy but after the header at the top of your page there is a massive gap of nothing appearing before you have to scroll down before the entries show. Just thought i would let you know, i thought my laptop had crashed or something lol. Anyway, cute blog! x

  4. I love the bag, definitely worth the money! I can never shop in Topshop (Oxford St)with my boyfriend, it's massive and I just want to take my time and touch everything in there!

    As for depotting, I only buy Mac e/s for the palette from the beginning to save money, but I depoted other brands with a lighter under the case. I think it's easier though if you use a hair iron and place the case of the eyeshadow on top(after you remove the label). You ll find hundreds of videos in youtube. I prefer having them all gathered together, like you said, you can see all the colours.

  5. Love your Rock Rebelz Top!!!
    We have just started stocking this brand online and its selling fast, very unique and hard to find anywhere.